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When it comes to doing business in a global world, the more we understand the cultural values and customs of the people we are trying to do business with, the better off we are. Advanced communication, stronger relationships, more productive meetings and more successful negotiations are just a few of the benefits. Through our list of services, we are here for you in whatever unique capacity you need, to ensure you conduct successful business anywhere.

CQ – Cultural Intelligence - Cross-Cultural Trainings / Coaching

Whether you’re an individual or group working in the Latin American, Spanish or Israeli market, we offer personal and group workshops in Cross Cultural Communication, customized to meet the unique needs of our clients.

  • Training staff in overcoming cross-cultural barriers - the thought processes, operations and communication of new cultures.

  • Help your team develop a global mindset and improve performance.

  • Learn how to avoid communication problems by getting a head start on understanding the other culture.

  • Enhance communication, understanding and interaction with your overseas business partners/potential clients/suppliers.

  • Develop practical tools and techniques to relate and work effectively across cultures. 

  • Gain working knowledge of the commonalities and differences amongst relevant cultures and their values.

  • Country specific training - Get insider information on cultures within specific regions and industries of your target market to increase effectiveness.

Building Strategic Partnerships

Entering new markets requires networking, tactical introductions, and developing and deepening the connections made.

We facilitate the process of connecting with relevant partners, clients and distributors - from the very first day, straight through to the final handshake.

  • Partners

  • Clients

  • Suppliers

  • Distributors

  • Joint Ventures

Business  Delegations and Dignitaries

Whether you’re a company or individual interested in travelling abroad for business, here is how we can help:

  • Create a tailor-made program for your business delegation 

  • Accompany business delegations

  • Coordinate and execute B2B meetings

  • Follow-up on requests post meeting

We can also help with: 

  • Mediations

  • Translations 

  • Post-trip follow-up upon client's request with new business associates and potential partners

Project Management

From events and exhibitions to finding new venues in foreign countries and working with incubators and accelerators for local starts-ups, we can do the following for you and more: 

  • Discovery; Research; Collect data

  • Prepare reports

  • Find venues

  • Connect with PR and local media

  • Organize and launch events

We can also assist in the following projects:

  • Introductions

  • Recommendations

  • Mentorship programs

Representation in Your Target Market

Whether you’re a foreign company, academic institution or individual investor, we represent you and your interests in your target market.

  • Identify your potential clients

  • Connect with potential business partners

  • Discover new business opportunities

  • Promote your company, product, or service to your target market 

  • Represent you at your booth in international exhibitions

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