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Savant Consulting is a boutique consultancy for international business which opens the door for people of diverse cultures to collaborate, innovate and achieve extraordinary results..

We offer a personalized service to small and medium sized businesses who want to enter new markets where there is a language and cultural gap. The majority of our clients are interested in expanding into the Latin American, Spanish, Portuguese and Israeli markets. We help them connect and communicate with the people and businesses in their target market, understand the cultural differences, develop trusting relationships and close the deal with their potential foreign business partner.


Our in-depth knowledge can help build strong ties in the region of interest, forge lasting business relationships, and navigate the countries unique business terrain. From representing clients in their target market and building international partnerships to project management, cross-cultural training and servicing special groups and delegations, we know the art of connecting across cultures and offer creative solutions to accomplish any project or initiative around the globe.


Based in Israel, we specialize in Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew speaking countries, although we also service projects across Europe, the USA, Asia, Africa and Australia. Our projects range from short individual projects to long retainer-based projects. 

Clara Cohen, Founder

Founder of Savant Consulting, Clara is a cross-cultural consultant, deal facilitator, and coach working directly with businesses across Latin America, Europe and Israel to connect, communicate and close deals. Having consulted in over 20+ countries and with a native command of Spanish, Hebrew, English and Portuguese, she uses her 20 years of working experience and in-depth understanding of cross-cultural relations to bridge the cultural and communication gap between Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, Israel and the rest of the world.


Having lived and worked across Latin America, Europe and Israel, Clara’s uniqueness lies in her deep understanding of the various regions' and countries' cultural differences and values. Combining this knowledge with her “anything’s possible” attitude, Clara brings a human touch in helping businesses bridge culture gaps, build strong partnerships and close deals.


Clara holds a BA in Political Science & International Relations from Open University and is a certified translator in Spanish, English, and Hebrew.

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